I’ve Been Thinking A Lot About…


Seriously. Whether it is the hubris that says “I can be a woman, even though I have the chromosomes and plumbing of a male (and HOW DARE YOU QUESTION MY ASSERTION!!!111!!!eleventy!!!)” or the hubris that says “I’m nobody to millions of people, but I am precisely what this country needs as a President.” or even better, the hubris that says “I am a rust belt mayor who should be President, and I’ll get attention by punching way above my weight class!”

Sadly, hubris has become ubiquitous.

I cannot say if this is a by-product of victimhood becoming the hot status, used as both a sword and a shield, or if it is the result of prosperity that not only permits, but fosters a casual navel gazing that goes largely unmolested. I do know that it is not healthy, and it has caused some people to grow very comfortable in their unpersoning of others who do not share their opinions. The irony of the self-proclaimed most tolerant among us assaulting those with different opinions, and when not resorting to violence, pretending that the expression of those different opinions is the same as violence is not lost on me.

The good (and bad) news is that reality doesn’t care, and objective facts remain just that…objective, and facts. We live in a time when people are so in love with their own “personal truths” that they will go out of their way to dismiss ACTUAL truth. That only works until it doesn’t. I hope that we can survive that day.


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